Awareness Campaign on Urban Floods & Impact of Environmental Issues on the Economy

1st August, 2022

With change in the climate and the rapid change in landscapes due to exploitation of the nature by the human, floods are becoming a major concern across the world. Every year floods cause a huge amount of infrastructural damages, claim thousands of human and animal lives, and negatively impact the economy by causing loss of millions of dollars. While floods were mostly restricted to rural areas in the past, but with the change in climatic conditions, exploitation of the natural landscapes, and unplanned expansion of cities, floods are now a major urban problem as well.

Every year the concern related to urban floods are only increasing and do not seem to reduce if planned expansion of cities and protection of the nature are not practiced immediately.

Apart from floods, all other environmental issues such as air pollution, water pollution, drought, cyclones, etc. are impacting the economy tremendously. While the human civilization is rapidly adopting the profit making attitude, the negligent behavior is negatively impacting the environment. Each year every country loses billions of dollars due to environmental disasters and the numbers are only going to increase if actions are not taken immediately.

To spread awareness on these topics among the social media users, Native Green Foundation had organized this online awareness campaign.